Silence in Music


She is an air hostess at some leading airline company. She loves to party. All the responsibilities abuzz-ed get blocked in the silence of loud music. She dances with her nephews in the living room. She dances with her friends on saturnights, even if it is on tunes of her stereo. She dances at her friends’ weddings, not for long, but it is true. Her nights are marked by loneliness if she stays in.
She is not what they wanted her to be. She is herself.



Beauty lies in eyes of the beholder.


“We were in a live-in relationship for 4 years. 3 months back I told him that I was pregnant. He said that he was not ready and I should abort. I replied that I am also not ready, to abort. My maternity leaves start from next month.”

“Have you thought of any names?”

“Rose if its a baby girl, Jamie if a boy”